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Company introduction

Xbeipay was founded in 2014, the registered capital of Xbeipay Co., Ltd. is 100 million Yuan which is committed to small micro enterprises, financial institutions and industry customers and investors to provide comprehensive pay such as hosting, cross-border financial payment, account services third-party payment company. Every core team member has over ten years working experience on the internet payment.

Xbeipay's headquarters in Harbin. Harbin is the national strategic positioning of "border development center city", "northeast Asia regional central city" and "Russian cooperation center city". Xbeipay for the regional tradition, grasp the geographical advantages, to cross-border payment plan for the development of a key, and the number of my in-laws large foreign trade cooperation platform, committed to the thorough settlement of foreign trade development bottlenecks, assist in building the integration of modern foreign trade industry. Currently Xbeipay successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement with Ruston, Heilongjiang Saige International Trade Co. Ltd. and other cross-border electricity suppliers.

Xbeipay officially awarded the non-financial institutions pay business facilities technical authentication certificate and determined strategic cooperative relations with the domestic several major Banks like ICBC, CCB, ABC, CMB. Xbeipay Pay channel covers hundreds of small commercial banks and city commercial banks. Xbeipay laid a solid foundation for provide professional services to the customers and individual users.

Payment service is the basis and core of Xbeipay which provide customers one-stop payment solutions and create personal quality life experience. Its customers are mainly covered digital entertainment, air travel, telecom mobile, insurance fund, electronic commerce etc.

Xbeipay will be adhering to the professional development experience and advantages of quality, innovative research and development of electronic payment services products, promote the development of industry e-commerce driving force for development, relying on advanced payment technology platform, the innovation of service concept, to "create the most understand the market payment platform" as the slogan constant breakthrough and beyond, for domestic and foreign small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to provide a complete electronic payment and fund settlement outsourcing service to forge Xbeipay to be a the most trusted and most influential brands of cross-border payments industry.

Corporate culture

The spirit of enterprise: Pay all out . Our mission: Creative technology, change your life

Perform - Dare play, High quality to accomplish the results on time
Learning - Always keep learning attitude and keep self-improvement
Team –Thought is unified, alignment, quantity and use, the pursuit of team success
Management - Enhanced vision, win-win thinking, pay attention to communication research, form the methodology
Plan - - Reasonable planning, rigorous and orderly, golden time to do important
Quality - -Elaborate design, attention to detail, one-time doing things right
Morality - Integrity, supervise and strike damage the interests of the company
Dream - Constancy and strive to achieve the dream of the Internet business, not trapped by self
Goal - Diligently help customers improve productivity, to improve the quality of their own society
Principle - Down-to-earth, seeking truth from facts, intravenous drip innovation, decision based on data
Vision: To be customers trusted payment brand, covering China, towards the world, to create the best payment brand in China

Qualification certification

Xbeipay is committed to be China's leading payment service provider, respond to a nation's call that to insist innovation drive, promote the transformation of development. Xbeipay always keep improve itself, and to provide advantages for the development of China's e-commerce payment experience and capital management solutions, in order to promote the social overall operating efficiency and create constantly


- Online & offline integration

Face the transformation of Chinese traditional enterprises and traditional supply chain, Xbeipay for its build with Chinese characteristics, to adapt to the industry characteristics of customization fund management platform, fully meet the needs of enterprise integration of online


- Domestic outside integration

Facing the trend of global business integration, the industry solutions and innovative products r&d by Xbeipay can provide enterprises with international payment platform, fully promote overseas business operational efficiency, realize the integration of unified platform of cloud cover


- Capital settlement and financial management integration

In the realization of online, on the basis of integration inside and outside the integrated Xbeipay not only for industries and enterprises to provide payment and capital settlement package, is based on a platform, on the basis of cloud cover to provide comprehensive money management services, comprehensive get through the interaction of cash flow, logistics and information flow, fully meet the demand of all the enterprises engaged in e-commerce.

Qualification certification


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